Karelia - the capital of rivers and lakes
If you ask a foreigner to talk about Russia, then, covering his eyes, he will describe the nature of Karelia, although he has never been there. Indeed, Karelia represents endless…

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India Travel Guide
Under the auspices of the majestic Himalayas in the north and the vast Indian Ocean in the south lies the ancient land of snake charmers - India. India has everything…

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In Thailand for the thrill: the best types of extreme relaxation
Thailand seems to many as a fairly budget country with excellent opportunities for recreation on the ocean. Good hotels, bright sunshine, warm sand, funny monkeys, beautiful temples and delicious fruits.…

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heir kind bathhouses


How to reduce the cost of staying in Italy without compromising the quality of rest?

It’s very difficult to imagine that Italy is not at all expensive, especially during the “alta stagione” (mid season). Therefore, instead of saving on what you can, denying yourself the pleasures, it is better to eliminate unnecessary expenses before departure. Financial planning of the trip is justified. To do this, you should know several features of Italian life.

1. Free admission every first Sunday of the month – “Domenica al museo”

Since July 2014, every first Sunday of the month, admission to museums, galleries, parks, archaeological sites, etc. in Italy is free. The exact information on the list of facilities free on Sundays can be found on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

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Urgent visa to Spain – conditions for obtaining 1-3 days

It often happens that there is an opportunity to go on a trip to Spain on a “burning tour” or an urgent business trip to this country is ripe. But the euphoria from the upcoming trip or business plans can significantly disrupt the need for an urgent visa.

However, do not worry too much about this, as there is a possibility of obtaining an urgent visa to Spain, and you can apply for it in several ways.

First you need to know what standard package of documents you will need for an urgent visa to Spain:

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Primorye ranked third among Russian regions in terms of tourism development

Every year Primorye demonstrates increasingly striking successes in the direction of the development of the tourism industry, approaching its main goal – the transformation into a tourist Mecca. Konstantin Shestakov, director of the tourism department of the Primorsky Territory, told Argumenty i Fakty about the most striking achievements of the region in the past year and about what contributes to increasing the region’s popularity among Russian and foreign guests.

– Konstantin Vladimirovich, tell us about the most important, in your opinion, industry achievements this year?

– Let’s start with the fact that there are three main areas that directly affect the development of the tourism sector and which are key in our work: the first is assistance in developing the tourist infrastructure of the Primorsky Territory, the second is improving the quality of services and the third is promoting tourism regional resources in international specialized markets.
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How much does food cost in Thailand, or how can a tourist eat on the street?
In Thailand, the most popular food is rice, seafood, meat, various vegetables and, of course, dairy products. The secret of Thai cuisine lies in unusual herbs and spicy spicy spices.…


Terra Mongolia. About fishing in Western Mongolia
Altai Ottoman (mountain dace). OREOLEUCISCUS POTANINI In the water bodies of Western Mongolia, there are three forms of this fish: 1. Dwarf ottoman (weight up to 100 g., Length up…


Travel tips: how to save on airfare
When deciding to go on vacation somewhere, people often pay attention to the place of rest and the hotel where they will stay. The transport issue, as a rule, is…


ATVs "Stealth" - the right extreme vacation in the spring
ATVs are becoming increasingly popular. Now there is no cliche that this is a transport created exclusively for entertainment. Four-wheel equipment is used as a reliable assistant in agriculture, in…