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A trip to Germany for children is a great opportunity to learn German
Many parents prefer to send their children to rest in other countries. A trip to school holidays in Germany is not only an opportunity to have a good rest, but…

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India Travel Guide
Under the auspices of the majestic Himalayas in the north and the vast Indian Ocean in the south lies the ancient land of snake charmers - India. India has everything…

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Holidays on the Cote d'Azur: why you should come to Cannes
The Cote d'Azur is a great place for a comfortable, truly luxurious vacation surrounded by beautiful nature, architectural monuments. Here you can feel the very unhurried rhythm of the European…

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Sulfur baths of Tbilisi – favorite places of Pushkin and Sting

When the Iberian king Vakhtang decided to establish the present capital of Georgia here, the main factor was the presence of thermal hydrogen sulfide springs in these parts. This is an ancient legend, and the presence of a large number of sulfur baths on the territory of Tbilisi in ancient times is another confirmation of this. The city grew and was built, centuries passed, but the thermal baths of Tbilisi today are one of its main attractions. Sulfur baths are a must for many excursion programs in Tbilisi. Continue reading

Mountain routes in the Crimea for beginners

Crimea is a favorite place for travelers who like to admire the beautiful mountain landscapes. There is a huge variety of mountain peaks, which are often used by travelers to develop climbing skills, as well as gentle trails where the trip is like a walk. Some routes are considered easy and even suitable for traveling with children. Traveling in the mountains is an opportunity to experience strength of mind, endurance and endurance, admire the impressive mountain peaks and picturesque waterfalls that open from the heights of the valley and settlements. The best time for mountain hiking is May and September, when the sun is not yet so hot as in the summer months. For hiking in the mountains, it is worthwhile to provide the necessary facilities for spending the night and cooking, as well as warm clothes, because at the beginning and at the end of the beach season, nights are cool even at the foot. High in the mountains, the air temperature is low even at noon. Doctors unanimously agree that treatment with walks or health paths in combination with climatotherapy can cure a person of many diseases. Continue reading

Acquisition of a universal touring bike and accessories

A modern bike is a fairly popular form of transport and is used as a means of transportation, as a sports equipment or for walking. To move around the city, the simplest bike designed for smooth urban roads will be convenient. For athletes who engage in cycling and prefer suburban riding, a specialized mountain bike is suitable. A tourist bike has several characteristics:
improved maneuverability and simple handling, which is achieved through the use of modern systems;
increased strength of elements; Continue reading

7 apps that come in handy when traveling

Planning a vacation or business trip? We have selected for you 7 services that are actively used by thousands of tourists around the world. Download applications in the AppStore or Google Play, and your smartphone will help you get ready for a trip without any fuss or find a way out of difficult situations during your vacation.
Going on a trip without a map is a very reckless undertaking. In order not to get lost on the streets of an unfamiliar city, we recommend that before starting the trip, download a map of the desired region or country in the MAPS.ME application. Maps downloaded to your smartphone in advance will be available offline and will avoid unforeseen expenses for Internet roaming. Automobile, walking and bicycle routes, public transport stops, attractions, restaurants and cafes, ATMs, hotels – users will easily find a way to any points on the map. Continue reading

Winter holidays in Karelia: fabulous beauty and affordable prices

If the vacation fell on one of the winter months, consider that you are very lucky, because the opportunity to enjoy a real winter with plenty of snow, sledding and magnificent winter landscapes does not fall every year. Karelia invites you to rest – a harsh and fantastically beautiful northern region, where the air is filled with coniferous aromas, and crystal lakes are full of fish even in winter. Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of a winter fairy tale, which is only 4-5 hours away from you from St. Petersburg.
Why winter Karelia is good
Despite the transport accessibility of the region, not all residents of the Northern capital, not to mention other regions of Russia, took the time to visit here. Meanwhile, the advantages of Karelia, as a great place for a winter holiday, are obvious.
Snowy winters. Due to its proximity to the sea, snow falls here in October, the latest – in early November, and does not melt until spring.
Natural beauty. Karelia has a lot of tourist attractive natural sites. Even if you visited them in the summer, frost and snow cover will create for you a completely different, even more fantastic picture. Continue reading

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