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Sports tourism

Sports tourism is one of the types of tourism in which participants overcome various impassable sections of the path during a long hike. Hiking may not necessarily be hiking, but, for example, horse or water. Various difficulties in the form of gorges, mountains, swamps and other natural obstacles fill the trip with adrenaline and give it a twist.

Individually or in a group?

Usually, if a tourist travels alone or as a companion, the route is built individually. All wishes about the type of terrain and the level of difficulty of the path are discussed with a travel agent, who later, after processing the information, creates a unique tourist route. Those who prefer to travel in large groups, gets a standard ticket, which includes comprehensive service. However, group tours are not the same and often dramatically different from each other. When purchasing a ticket to the group, it is necessary to clarify the level of preparation of each participant, his preferences and age. In this case, the travel agency will try to choose from standard programs the most optimal for each traveler.

An individual tour is good not only because all the attention of the guide will be riveted to one or more people. An individual tour allows you to design your trip yourself, choose the time suitable for him and personally regulate the time of parking. You can also discuss in detail the start and end dates of a trip, while a package tour is usually designed for a certain number of days: ten, fifteen or twenty.

In addition to hiking, a tourist can travel on anything. You can choose not only from standard horse riding or cycling, which are so popular with environmentalists, you can also use cars. Recently, auto-stop tourism is gaining popularity again, when movement in the area occurs with the help of passing cars. Interestingly, according to unspoken rules, it is forbidden to offer money to the driver, since the whole point of an adventure vacation is lost.

If a tourist prefers water trips, then you can use everything you can sail on: boats, kayaks, rafts, canoes and so on. Depending on the type of trip, the water vehicle must be equipped with sleeping places and places where you can hide from the rain. If during the trip, parking for the night is planned, then the boat should have enough space to put up tents and other things necessary on land.

Difficulty Levels in Sports Tourism

Travel routes are classified by difficulty level. Each type of sports tourism has its own counting scale. For example, the highest category of difficulty in cycling is six, and in sailing five.

Depending on the training, the tourist-athlete may develop the complexity of the routes. By increasing skills and mastery, the traveler may be awarded a special title. The smallest of these is the “Tourist of Russia,” while the highest is the “Master of Sports of International Class”. However, not everyone receives the rankings, preferring to simply enjoy hiking, since the receipt of each rank must be coordinated with the route-qualification commission.

Sports tourism is not only good for health, but also carries spiritual enrichment. Traveling through the untouched parts of the planet, you are imbued with love and respect for the surrounding nature, you feel that you belong to it. Long extreme travels spiritually develop a personality, awakening ancient instincts and feelings. The world of civilization is left behind, and the main task of the tourist is the fight against the elements.

The main types of sports tourism:
hiking and trekking
equestrian tourism
water alloys
mountain hikes and mountaineering
sailing, yachting
hot air ballooning
dog and reindeer sled tours
Sports tourism is sometimes confused with tourism for sports events. The difference is that when a tourist goes to a football or hockey match, he becomes only a spectator. And sports tourism involves active participation.

However, it is often the former athletes who become fans of sports tourism. Accustomed to an active lifestyle, they are not so excited about relaxing on the beach, and they are looking for active and even extreme experiences. Moreover, some types of sports tourism, such as equestrian tourism, river rafting and mountaineering suggest a good physical shape.


This type of tourism is quite resource-intensive in terms of financial investments and equipment. Even a simple hike requires good shoes, a waterproof jacket. But more technologically advanced types, such as water trips, mountain hiking, long trips cannot exist without the appropriate equipment – rafts or boats, tents, cables, helmets and helmets, etc.

Often ordinary average tourism does not have much of this list, and then the best option is to book a tour with a travel company.

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