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Esoteric tours in Russia

Esoteric tours are one of the most popular types of recreation today, including visits to power objects, barrows or shamanistic ritual places. Sometimes esoteric tours also include various seminars with yoga masters, a wellness complex of exercises, communication with enlightened people and self-knowledge from a spiritual point of view.

The most famous places of power are Tibet and the Mayan pyramids. However, for a Russian tourist traveling there can take a lot of effort and money. Few people know that in Russia one can also find places of power filled with cosmic energy.


The Caucasian land is full of legends and myths. From ancient times, strong-minded people lived on it, drawing life forces from an unknown source.

An important and sacred place for women is Mount Ullu Tao in Kabardino-Balkaria. The name translates as “Mother Mountain” and it is believed that it helps women who cannot conceive a child and helps mothers raise their own child. At the foot of the mountain, shamanistic rituals are often performed to join in its strength and ask for help.

The second most important place of power is the Silver Key. The name is not given by chance. Spring water has a high level of silver, which helps to cleanse not only spiritually, but also physically. They say that bathing in his water heals many diseases.

Also, melt water from the mountain peaks carries the healing power. It is specially collected in containers and melted so that it is suitable for drinking. It is believed that meltwater is the secret of longevity of the old-timers of the Caucasus.


Baikal has its own special atmosphere, floating in the air. When you first get to the lake, you immediately understand that it could not do without witchcraft and ancient magic. Fresh air and breathtaking landscapes intoxicate the mind.

The center of all places of power, of course, is the island of Olkhon. There are legends that all the shamans of the world have come from Olkhon, whose paths for some reason have diverged to all parts of the world. One has only to set foot on island land, as literally one can feel in footsteps all the power of the Baikal land. All the main rituals and conspiracies take place precisely on Olkhon, not for nothing that some call him the Father of everything.

The island is famous not only among tourists. Shamans still carry out their magic rituals there, beat a tambourine and burn bonfires. Everyone can watch the ceremony and even take part in it. Any self-respecting esoteric considers it his duty to visit Lake Baikal at least once and pay tribute to the most important center of accumulation of higher energy.


Many esotericists consider Crimea a portal to another world. Throughout the history of the peninsula, different peoples lived on its territory with their own culture, creeds and traditions. It is not surprising that now Crimea is filled with the ancient power of people who for centuries have nourished it with their energy.

But the Scythians, the invincible warriors who once lived on the banks of the Crimea, are considered the main source of special energy. Their existence is shrouded in legends. Some consider the Scythians to be descendants of alien creatures, others are sure that they were able to subjugate natural magic to themselves.

Many rush to the Crimea to get in touch with the spirit of the famous people, feel their strength and fill the body with energy, cleansing of negative thoughts. Many argue that after visiting places of power like the White Rock or the Karadag Islands, they radically changed their lives, quit their unloved work, found new hobbies, fell in love with life. Who knows, maybe the Scythian spirit really tells everyone its true purpose.

Esoteric tours in Russia
Esoteric tours are one of the most popular types of recreation today, including visits to power objects, barrows or shamanistic ritual places. Sometimes esoteric tours also include various seminars with…


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