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How to choose a recreation center
It is unlikely that you can find a person who does not like outdoor recreation. But it’s one thing to endure a lot of inconvenience in the tent, and quite…

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Problems with a bank card abroad

Now there is no person who does not use bank cards or has never encountered electronic money. Transferring funds or paying for goods has become fast, convenient, mobile, what you need for an eternally rushing metropolis.

However, new ways to store money give rise to new ways to steal it from you. Many do not always know what to do if for some reason some amount, even an insignificant one, has been debited from the account. And it’s much more difficult with the situation if this happened abroad, away from your home and banking office.

Problems with bank cards abroad concerned everyone. To be in a strange place without a penny in your pocket is not the most fun adventure. But not everything is as bad as it seems. Below are the most common problems and their solutions.

Sudden lock

The most common case is a card lock without warning. Sometimes this saves many tourists from losing large sums of money when they intend to complete a transaction in an unchecked place. But often, travelers lose access to their money at the most inopportune time, when they buy souvenirs or just decide to please themselves with a cup of coffee in one of the coffee shops in some exotic country.

Bankers themselves admit that they sin in an excessive craving for reinsurance. If it seemed to the bank that the last operation was performed at a suspicious retail outlet, the card will inevitably be blocked in order to avoid further loss of funds.

In such cases, you should definitely call the main office of the bank. In it, victims will be given an office address anywhere in the world where the old card will be replaced with a new one. In an extreme case, it will be sent by express or courier. It all depends on the capabilities of the bank. But experts always give advice not to go on vacation with one card, but to have at least one more in reserve.

Double lock

Almost all hotels where you need to pay the amount for at least one night when booking, do not write off, but freeze funds on the card. Thus, when a guest settles in, he is forced to pay the full cost of the stay, including frozen funds. According to the hotel administration, everything is logical, the amount is frozen, and not debited from the account, which means that the guest needs to pay for all days of stay, and the frozen money will be returned to the account within thirty days.

Here, representatives of all banks shrug. It is impossible to argue the front desk employee, especially when he is right. It remains only to wait for the return of funds to the account. And in order not to lose the money set aside for vacation, you can pay by credit card. If the funds are not written off, but frozen, then you will not have to pay a percentage of them.

Currency conversion

Over the past year, Russians have become accustomed to jumps in the dollar and the euro and are trying not to make any purchases in foreign currency. However, staying abroad, it is impossible to refuse to use local currency units.

Banks receive many complaints from customers who have recently returned from vacation. According to the card holders, a larger amount was deducted from their account than was required. Bank representatives clarify that a transaction is not a matter of seconds as it might seem. Currency conversion takes an average of one to three days. As practice shows, the ruble to dollar exchange rate may change several times during this time. Of course, there are times when banks specifically take time to achieve the desired exchange rate. However, top management is vigilantly monitoring this, since the bank’s reputation and customers are more important than financial gain.

Russia is strengthening its position in the world and now you can often hear abroad about the possibility of paying by card in Russian rubles. Experts advise to refuse such a service. Payment in rubles will lead to a double transaction, which will not only become more expensive, but will also take much longer. For trips abroad, it is better to use a dollar or euro account, experts admit.


Of course, scammers are the crown of all troubles with finances. They have more troubles from them than from unprofitable transactions, frozen funds and loss of a card. Banks are trying to protect the personal data of customers as they can, but those who want to cash in on someone else’s are not lagging behind in their tricks and workarounds. As employees of the banking security service admit, the PIN code can be intercepted during input. Thus, fraudsters will gain access to all customer accounts. If the bank manages to track the suspicious activity of the card, it is blocked. However, this also brings inconvenience to the card holder. It is very difficult to contact the bank office abroad if it is not some kind of international holding. Clients of small banks are forced to spend their holidays with cash only.

Some banks may cancel the lock depending on the situation. But it depends on the internal rules of the bank and certain circumstances. Usually banks try not to take risks.

So, summarizing the above, we can conclude that in a trip abroad it is best to have several cards, it is better to…

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