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India Travel Guide

Under the auspices of the majestic Himalayas in the north and the vast Indian Ocean in the south lies the ancient land of snake charmers – India. India has everything so that a traveler, having once got here, immediately falls in love and wants to make India his home, without exaggeration.

Indian culture, according to conservative estimates, is four hundred years old. More than a billion people live side by side in peace and harmony, speaking different languages ​​and worshiping different gods. Hinduism alone counts three hundred million different gods and goddesses, not to mention the other religious denominations.

Be prepared to be shocked. Perhaps what you see will confuse you, but it certainly will not leave you indifferent. At the end of the trip, you will certainly want to record your adventures, or maybe publish a book of memoirs in order to permanently keep a reminder of a visit to this beautiful country.

Tourism in the land of elephants can be confusing. The list of places where every self-respecting tourist should definitely go is huge. However, some of the tourist places you can skip, but others need to visit without fail.

Explore the heart of India – Delhi.

The capital of India is mysterious and stunning. The city is divided into two parts by an invisible wall on New Delhi and Old Delhi. As in Rome, power is located strictly in the center. Dusty ruins and traces of antiquity again and again carry thoughts to distant Italy.

It is dusty, crowded and noisy. Delhi can really bore those who are not mentally prepared to run into street speculators, narrow streets and terrible traffic.

Once you cease to be shocked at the true size of the city, you will be fascinated by the ancient architectural relics and monuments of the Indian colonial past.

New Delhi, in turn, is a controversial picture. On the one hand, flickering skyscrapers and neon signs, and on the other, tombs of famous figures and strict streets.

Walking around the capital can be tiring, but worth it. Take a walk or take a rickshaw and remember: do not buy anything in the markets, the prices there are usually unreasonably high.

Admire the beauty of Taj

The most iconic of all Indian monuments of love is the Taj Mahal.

A unique palace was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, who was not destined to live a long life. The Taj is completely built of white marble, mined on the banks of the Yamun River.

Much has been said about this magnificent building, striking in its beauty. However, all these words cannot express all the pain of a husband who has lost his beloved. Rudyard Kipling once described the Taj Mahal as “The embodiment of all the purity of the earth.” A trip to India would not be complete without a visit to this unique palace.

Colonial and chaotic Calcutta
The former capital of British India, Calcutta, is also the country’s intellectual center. Unlike other major cities, the city lives a laid-back and measured life, allowing guests to enjoy authentic India. The East India Company was once based in Calcutta, and chaotic alleys will take you to the heart of the British colony.

The largest number of emigrants from China gathered in Chinatown, which is also nearby. Their famous markets and eateries with exotic food are not found as often as before, and the emigrants themselves have significantly decreased.

When walking around the city, be sure to look at the ancient sights of the quiet coast of Hukley with their wooden boats moored along the coast.

India is a huge country with its own shortcomings and advantages. Here they can lead you with stern looks, if you forget to cover your shoulders or wear too defiant clothes. But at the same time, the people in this sunny country are friendly and always ready to help. Almost everyone who once visited India left her, finding good and kind friends.

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