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How hiking changes our minds

Many have noticed that a long stay in the fresh air changes our mood and thoughts. This is influenced by sunlight, birdsong and the surrounding atmosphere. It has been proven that quiet monotonous sounds affect the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of stroke and other heart problems. And where to find the most pleasant sounds, if not on a trip along the river, listening to the murmur of water and the sounds of animals.

Campaigns Calm Thoughts

Those who meditate too much, worry and think about negative things, are most often prone to depression and nervous breakdowns. Therapy for neurasthenia can be long trips out of town, mountain hikes and life in a tent.

Scientists have even done research between two people. One of them was in nature for some time, walking and doing things unusual for him, while the other lived all this time in the city. And that patient, who lived in nature, began to become less depressed and easier to tolerate stressful situations.

It’s all about certain areas of our brain. Fresh air, lack of fuss and silence make the brain areas responsible for fast mental activity work less.

Our world is so quickly urbanized that not everyone keeps up with it. The population of large cities is increasingly exposed to all sorts of stresses. It is amazing how the consciousness of a person who only spent some time outside the city rush is changing.

Lack of technology improves creative thinking

The noise and the bustle of the city do not allow you to gather your thoughts. Constantly distracting pressing problems, street accidents, screams and din. Many people use the services of modern technology not because of the notorious laziness, but because of poor systematization of information.

Finding yourself without modern gadgets in the lap of nature, at first it will be unusual, and the hand will automatically try to find a smartphone in your pocket. But then the part of the brain that is responsible for creativity will begin its work. A person will have no other choice but to use the right hemisphere of the brain to solve the problems that arise in the campaign.

Knowing this, many travelers deliberately lock their mobile devices, trying to learn how to solve problems and work as a team.

Campaigns Cure ADHD in Children

ADHD syndrome – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – a very common disease in children. Such kids are easy to distract, they find it difficult to sit still and they do not control their emotional impulses.

Scientists conducted research and found that green color favorably affects the treatment of ADHD. But how to make a child look at greens for hours, if not on a hike? The kid will be surrounded by natural colors that do not spoil his eyesight, will gain strength and take a break from city life.

Change will not begin immediately, but with regular short hikes, ADHD can disappear forever.

Hiking improves physical health.

Do you know the phrase “A healthy mind in a healthy body”? Regular hiking in the mountains, hiking on rocks and river crossings cannot but strengthen the muscles of the body. Unlike the gym, where many people relax when they feel tired, you can’t leave everything halfway in the campaign. Thus, endurance also trains.

The spinal muscles, the knee-elbow joints, the heart are also strengthened, the lungs are cleansed.

The bonus will be increased production of endorphin and adrenaline in the blood, which not only improves mood, but also allows you to use more features of the body that were previously in a sleepy state.
Campaigns are not only a fascinating pastime or hobby, but also a habit that will help to cure some diseases, clear your mind and improve your mental state.

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