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Golf tourism
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Karelia - the capital of rivers and lakes
If you ask a foreigner to talk about Russia, then, covering his eyes, he will describe the nature of Karelia, although he has never been there. Indeed, Karelia represents endless…

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How to reduce the cost of staying in Italy without compromising the quality of rest?

It’s very difficult to imagine that Italy is not at all expensive, especially during the “alta stagione” (mid season). Therefore, instead of saving on what you can, denying yourself the pleasures, it is better to eliminate unnecessary expenses before departure. Financial planning of the trip is justified. To do this, you should know several features of Italian life.

1. Free admission every first Sunday of the month – “Domenica al museo”

Since July 2014, every first Sunday of the month, admission to museums, galleries, parks, archaeological sites, etc. in Italy is free. The exact information on the list of facilities free on Sundays can be found on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

2. In Italy, the express train is cheaper than the train

This is strange, but it is. Pre-booking a trip can save you a few tens of euros. However, you must buy tickets long before the trip. How to do it? In Italy, many use the website for booking train tickets trenitalia.it. When choosing a route, as a rule, there are three options to choose from: base, econom (cheaper) and super-econom (the cheapest). Pay attention to the price difference. First of all, super-economical tickets disappear, sometimes even 3 weeks before departure they are already gone, later they sort the economy class – they disappear in one or two weeks. This information applies to fast trains, that is, express trains that operate on long routes – intercity trains and Freccia. Regional trains, in our opinion – electric trains, have one fixed price. It is lower than the cost of a regular intercity ticket, but more expensive than super econom in a fast train. In addition, the travel time in a regional train increases by 2-3 times, and the service is much worse than the express train.

3. City tourist map

If you plan to stay in the same city for a few days, think about it, is it not worth buying a card that gives the right to travel by public transport and entrance to museums. Let’s look, for example, on a RomaPass card: a 2-day card costs 24 euros, for 3 days – 36 euros. At first glance, it seems a lot, but the price includes 1 or 2 free admission to some museums, discounts to other museums, exhibitions, concerts, and, in addition, free travel. Entrances to museums cost several tens of euros, so it is very beneficial to spend once a large amount, providing yourself with free trips around the city without a limit. Unfortunately, there is one drawback – trips to the airport are excluded from the offer.

4. Eat well and be delicious on the street.

No need to reserve places in restaurants to eat well. Look for bars with aperitivo and stuzzichini. In the afternoon, a variety of delicacies appear on the shelves and tables, which you can eat well. Mozzarella, prosciutto, hot appetizers. The food is varied and quite satisfying.

Do not be afraid of street foods. Especially in the south – they are so rich and so popular that without problems you will find something for yourself. In addition, pizza dough made from pizza dough based on pizza dough makes it possible to eat potato crochets, rice-based arancini or fritto misto.

In Italy, you can also eat at the … grocery store (salumeria). More precisely, you can choose a bun (panini) for yourself and ask them to make a sandwich. At the same time, you need to pay a little, because the sandwich will consist of just a small slice of prosciutto, one mozzarella, etc. – just one piece each, a fresh, tasty and inexpensive product.

5. Reservation of accommodation – look for cheap offers

There are many sites that offer rental offers. The most complete information can be found on the hotelscombined resource. After entering the options you are interested in, a list of hotels pops up. Each offers different price offers, taken, in turn, from various portals, including the most popular booking.com.

It should be noted that rental housing for the whole week is cheaper.

6. Save on fuel

At gas stations you will see double prices: for refueling the car by the station staff and for independent refueling. It is better to call in places where self-service is written, and if there are no clear labels, you need to persistently ask the staff. The price of fuel at gas stations located on highways is sometimes even a few tens of cents higher than on country roads.

The price difference between gasoline and gas is much larger than ours, so when choosing a rental car, give preference to a gas car. Gas is very popular in Italy and you will not have problems refueling the car.

7. Enjoy free outdoor activities

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