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What you need to know for a tourist who wants to visit Italy

If you need a perfect summer vacation, you can’t imagine a better option than Italy. Today we decided to share with you a few secrets that will help to love this amazing Mediterranean country even more.
When to go?
The best time to go on holiday in Italy is the second half of spring and the first half of autumn. The weather is very good during this period, there is no heat, unlike summer. And there are not so many tourists, which positively affects the price tags in stores. But if you like to wallow under the scorching sun, then summer will be an ideal time for you. Choose south or central Italy – and enjoy.

To ski, you need to relax in the winter, in extreme cases – in the first half of March. The mountainous northern regions are usually covered in snow.
Rome is a different story altogether. Experienced tourists are advised to go to the Eternal City in spring or September. The reasons are obvious – there are not many tourists on the streets and the normal air temperature. And there will be no problems with the hotel.
Shopaholics are advised to go to Italy from early January to early March. Another shopping season is from July 1 to September inclusive.
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In Italy, as you know, a rather dangerous situation in terms of the criminal situation. Large cities suffer from theft and pickpockets, scammers and even robbery. What should be remembered for a tourist who wants to take care of his safety?


Do not take large sums of money with you in cash and never withdraw money from an ATM if someone sees this.
Handbags with bags are best carried in a backpack: local thieves and robbers on scooters just wait until the tourist scattered from impressions looks at some building.
If you suddenly managed to come to Italy with your own car, you should leave it only in the parking lot with security. An extreme case is a lighted street with busy traffic. In the cabin should not remain valuables.
Do not show luxury goods, as this is fraught with consequences. The same goes for an expensive camera and camcorder.
A typical feature of the Italian driver is an irresponsible attitude towards the rules of the road. So be careful on the road.
Italy has a developed public transport system. Modern buses, trams, trains, subways, ferries, etc. will help you get not only to any corner of the country, but also Greece, Turkey, Malta, as well as a number of other nearby countries.

To travel by public transport you need to buy a ticket. This can be done at any kiosks with newspapers or tobacco shops. Entering the transport, you compensate for your ticket. After that, it remains valid for the next 90 minutes, regardless of the number of transfers. Children under 12 years old are entitled to a 50% discount on travel.

If you decide to cheat and do not punch the ticket, you will be fined 40 euros. In Europe, few people ride with a hare. In addition, without paying for the fare, you express disrespect for the country that has received you as a guest.
Take note
When you travel to a foreign country, you should first study the basic local rules and possible restrictions. Remember that any oversight can ruin your entire vacation. What should not be forgotten by a person who has arrived in Italy?

Do not even try to smoke where there are a lot of people. The same goes for transport, taxi, theater, cinema and shopping center. The ban works in the vast majority of bars and restaurants.
The Vatican is a sacred place, so when choosing clothes to visit, you need to remember a certain dress code. No short skirts, shorts and open shoulders.
Touching fruits and vegetables with your bare hands is indecent. For this, in the civilized world there are gloves that usually lie next to the tray. As for the market, there you generally do not have the right to touch the product.
Do not tip – they are included in the bill.
You can’t enter Italian public transport without a ticket: there is no conductor who will issue a ticket. It must first be purchased at newspaper or tobacco kiosks, as well as at the box office.
Relaxing on the beach, many couples like to massage each other. So, in Italy it is strictly prohibited. An exception is the presence of a massage therapist license, preferably with you.

Italy is an amazing country with a rich history and incredible culture. We can say that on these lands (even in Greece, of course) modern European society was born. So, having decided to spend your vacation here, be sure – you made a good choice.

We can only wish you a good vacation. We hope this short note helps to avoid unpleasant incidents and be on the lookout.

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