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How much does food cost in Thailand, or how can a tourist eat on the street?

In Thailand, the most popular food is rice, seafood, meat, various vegetables and, of course, dairy products. The secret of Thai cuisine lies in unusual herbs and spicy spicy spices. When ordering a particular dish, you need to ask whether it is spicy or not.

In restaurants, food courts, street cafes, shops, markets and streets, tourists are offered to taste Thai national dishes.

The most popular Thai cuisine:

Kao Newg Ma Muang is an incredibly delicious dessert that reveals the taste of mangoes in a combination of glutinous rice in coconut cream.

Pla Plu – salted fried fish.

Som there is a rather unusual salad.

Kung Massaman – This hot dish is served with the idea of ​​sweet curry in combination with regular potatoes.

Pad Thai – a variety of side dishes: rice (fried) plus filler, tofu in a special sauce, prawns with noodles, rice noodles.

Tom Yam is a delicious soup cooked in spicy chicken broth.

Tom Ka Gai – soup based on coconut milk.

In order to get large portions at much lower prices, it is better to go try Thai dishes in a small cafe.

Where to eat and how much it costs

You can try national cuisine in Thailand at every step, so there are simply a lot of gastronomic establishments. Thais practically do not cook at home, so food on the street is plentiful.

To have lunch here, for example, at McDonald’s, to compare prices, you need to pay 180 baht for cola, potato and bigmak, that is, 5.2 dollars or 312 rubles with a baht to ruble exchange rate of about 1.74 Thai baht per 1 ruble. On average, a dinner for two with alcohol will cost 600 baht. But in a cheap cafe for lunch, a tourist can pay from $ 2.9.
Thai markets are famous for their special culinary diversity. Here, every counter will surprise with its abundance and variety of food. And here you can find not only fresh seafood, meat products and fish, right here on the market any product can be prepared for you – for extra money, of course. You can also immediately buy ready-made food, packaged in special plastic containers for convenience. Here everyone can find their favorite drink and delicious dessert, because this is enough in Thai markets. Tropical fruit sellers immediately chop and serve customers disposable spoons and forks for convenience.

Markets begin their work only at four in the evening, but most importantly – they work until late at night.

A kilogram of potatoes can be bought here for 35 baht, that is, for 1 dollar, a kilogram of fish for 75 baht, a kilogram of shrimp for 200 baht.

A bunch of bananas – 20 baht, a kilogram of guava – 20 baht, a kilogram of papaya – 15 baht.

Prepared food, such as muffins and pastries, can be bought for 10 baht, a portion of salad will cost 20 baht, pasta plus meat for 40 baht, chicken in the famous batter will cost 30 baht.

You can always try national cuisine or go for a snack in Thai shopping centers, there are separate venues called food courts.

Prices will be slightly more expensive than street cafes, for example, soup costs 40 baht, but rice meat noodles will cost 60 baht, seafood with a different side dish can be ordered for 70 baht.

In addition to food courts, markets and Thai cafes, a variety of dishes can be seen on the street. The Thai people use bicycles, motorbikes and ordinary trolleys to transport the kitchen; this kitchen is called a macauach.

In fact, a shredder can cause distrust, dubious sellers without special conditions, but if you just try this food, and you will fall in love. This kitchen is much tastier and fresher, besides cooked with a soul.

Makashnitsa offers a variety of dishes, national Thai soups, hot main dishes, barbecue pork and chicken, seafood and fish.

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